Services Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Press Club Dry Cleaners exercises the utmost care in processing articles entrusted to us and uses industry standard processes, which, in our opinion, are best, suited to the nature and condition of each individual item. Nevertheless, we assume no liability or responsibility for inherent weaknesses of or defects in all materials, including but not exclusively limited to suede, leather, silk, satin, double-faced fabric, vinyl and polyurethane, that are not readily apparent prior to processing. We cannot guarantee against color loss and shrinkage or against damage to weak and tender fabrics. We assume no liability or responsibility for damage caused to items due to a manufacturing defect or failure, poor dye performance, mislabeling, a misleading representation. Please note any items with no cleaning instructions will be cleaned only with full customer responsibility.We assume no liability or responsibility for damage caused to or by beads, buttons, buckles, zippers, belts, sequins, trim and ornaments.

Dropping off items

You will be given a till ticket. Check the ticket order as count and description is final.If you believe the depreciated value of your garment/item exceeds 10 times our service charge, please declare the value. In which case the garment/item will be serviced at 1/10th of the declared value of the item.We will require a completed and signed Customer Consent Form to authorise the processing of any item that we consider a risk. We also request this form to be completed for processing – curtains, rugs, leather and suede, wedding/ beaded/evening dresses, and or other household or non-clothing items. 

Collecting Items

Lost tickets will require ID, and you will need to sign for the order collected.Check your order is complete in the shop-no liability for missing items once you leave.Uncollected items may be disposed of after 90 days. We will not be held liable for any loss that you may suffer in such an event.

Late Collection We are not responsible for items not claimed over 90 days. An item not picked-up after 90 days will be subject to a storage surcharge of 50% of the cost of processing the item. If you are unable to pickup your order within this time period (e.g. vacation, office transfer, etc.). 

Lost and Damage All claims, including a claim for a lost item*, must be made within 48 hours of receipt or delivery of items and our invoice must be presented at the time the claim is made. Unless the items were accompanied by an itemized list, our count shall be accepted as definitive. In the event of a claim for which we are responsible, including a claim for loss, we will either repair or offer compensation; however, in no event shall our liability exceed 15 times the charge of dry cleaning the item except for drapery and blinds whose limit of liability shall not exceed 10 times the charge of processing the item. A minimum of 30 days is required to settle any claim.

We will investigate any complaint promptly and pay fair compensation for damage or loss due to our negligence. In the event of damage if we determine we are responsible then we will replace the item or offer a service credit agreed by both parties. If it is unclear who is responsible for the damage then we will arrange for an independent analysis by a fabric care research laboratory Restitution will be made based upon the lab's report.

*Claim for lost item will only be accepted if the order was checked before you left the premises. No liability for missing items once you leave the premises.

Repairs & Alterations We offer a free pinning service which will be carried out by a trained member of our team. We do not accept responsibility for errors where pinning or measuring has not been undertaken by a member of staff. Please ensure that garments are either freshly laundered or dry cleaned before they are presented for repair or alteration. Shrinkage – if the garment you require altering is new we advise you to follow the care instructions on the garment (cotton, wool or linen) and we recommend you wash them for shrinkage before any alterations are carried out. 

In the event of loss or damage of an item for alteration we will provide the depreciated fair value of that garment as set out by the Textile Services Association, The value of the garment depends on the age of the item (In unlikely event of loosing or damaging any of your items Press Club Dry Cleaners' liability with respect to any lost or damage item shall not exceed ten (10) times our charge for processing that garment regardless of brand or condition ). Customers are only entitled to recover the value of the garment's remaining life expectancy, and according to the DLI's Fair Claims Guide, a shirt you bought last year would only be worth maximum 40 percent of the replacement cost

Suede & Leather  Suede & leather garments are examples of materials that have inherent weaknesses or defects in the material. They are subject to natural flaws. We cannot take responsibility for colour imbalance, shrinkages, change of texture. The use of incorrect adhesives during garment manufacture to secure hems and other parts or borg linings may result in the adhesive coming to the surface during cleaning, and showing as stains on the surface of the garment and linings and stitches may come apart.

Stain Removal We guarantee that we will try our best to remove any stains present on your garment or article. However, we cannot guarantee 100 % stain removal. If we are unable to remove the stains, we are nonetheless entitled to receive full payment for services rendered.

Compensation Policy

Please note in the event of loss or damage to a garment/item the following will be the maximum financial compensation payable-this is subject to the provision of the valid receipt and the age /condition of the garment/item.

Shirt Service

15 x Cleaning Charge (MAX)

Standard Dry Cleaning Service

10 x Cleaning Charge (MAX)

Alterations & Repairs

10 x Processing cost (MAX)

Please Note

Any garment/item with the value greater than the above compensation levels or over £400.00 must be declared at the time of the deposit, it will be subject to further charges on acceptance.

We reserve the right to amend these Terms & Conditions without notice. New Terms & Conditions will be made available in our shops and on our web site.                                                 

These Terms & Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.