Towel Laundry Services 

  • bath sheets
  • bath towels
  • hand towels
  • face cloths
  • bath robestherapy bed linen

For all towel laundry and other bath linen laundry we use quality detergents and conditioners to maintain that fresh, fluffy and absorbent feel you like and expect.

Our towel and bath linen laundry service is also available to hotels, heath spas, gymssports clubs, beauty salons and saunas ... we collect your used bath linen and return it freshly laundered and folded.

The towel laundry service can be provided separately or combined with our other laundry services for, bed linen, table linen and work wear to provide a total solution for your commercial laundry needs.

Restaurant Laundry Services

  • table linen
  • chair covers
  • front of house staff uniforms
  • kitchen linen, including chef's whites and all work cloths

We launder all table linen using quality detergents and, where appropriate, whitening agents to maintain that clean, crisp, fresh, feel that your restaurant clientelle deserve and expect. 

We also ensure that your customers are happily seated, with expert cleaning of dining and banqueting chair covers.

Our table linen laundry service is ideal for restaurants, hotels and other dining establishments ... we collect your used table linen and return it freshly laundered, pressed and folded. 

Each of our laundry services can be provided separately, but our combined Restaurant Laundry Service of table linen laundry, kitchen linen laundry and work wear linen laundry services, to provide you with a one-stop solution for you complete kitchen and front of house laundry needs.

Bed Linen Laundry Services

  • sheets
  • pillow cases
  • duvet covers
  • valance sheets
  • duvets
  • bedspreads
  • blankets

Make sure you or if you are using your sheets for commercial purposes then your customers go to sleep with a smile  -enjoy the feeling of freshly laundered bed linen.