Note: All the prices below are starting from prices.

Dry Cleaning

Tie £3.99

Std Two-Piece Suit £7.99

Std Jacket £5.99

Trousers £4.49

Winter coat £10.99

Std Blouse £3.50

Silk top £4.99

Dress £6.99

Evening/delicate dress £13.50

Pashmina £6.00

Knitwear £4.50

Std Skirt £4.50

Lined curtains £4.99 per m², Medium lined curtains £5.99 per m², Heavy lined curtains £6.99 per m²

*Std = Standard


Shirts service

(Professionally washed and finely pressed)

Men's shirt £1.99 per shirt

Men's shirt folded £3.50 per shirt

Women's shirt on a hanger £2.50 per shirt


Household and Laundry

You do not need to bring any washing up liquid or powder (all included in this price).

Double duvet £21.99

Special offer: 1 x Duvet cover, 2 x pillow covers and a double sheet (washed and pressed) £15.50

Small service wash (wash, dry and fold) Small Load £9.99

Medium service wash (wash, dry and fold) Medium Load £17.99

Large service wash (wash, dry and fold) Large Load £26.99

Extra large service wash (wash, dry and fold) Extra Large £39.99


Press Only 

Two-Piece Suit £5.00

Shirt £1.90

Jacket £3.00

Trousers £2.75

Knitwear £3.50

Skirt £2.99

Jeans £2.75


Repairs and Alterations

Small repair £3.99

Patch repair £6.99

New zip £7.99

Skirt shortening £7.49

Sleeve shortening £12.99

Trouser shortening £8.95

Trouser tapering £12.95

Trouser shorten + taper £16.99

Re-hem trousers (per leg) £4.50, Both legs £8.50


Suede and Leather Cleaning

   Press Club's professional suede, sheepskin and leather cleaning and restoration service can bring tired items back to life. Proper, expert care of natural skins can help you to really make the most of your investment in that special item.

We regularly clean and restore leather and suede jackets, coats, suits, skirts, trousers, gloves and handbags as well as sheepskin boots and rugs. 

Suede/Leather Jacket £49.99

Suede/Leather Coat £80.00

Suede/Leather Skirt £37.90

Suede/Leather Trousers £44.99

Suede/Leather Dress £55.40

Wax Jacket (Full Length) £80.00

      • Cleaning and re-waxing experts

• Specialists in hydrocarbon cleaning of wedding dresses and all delicates

• Sheepskin and furs

• Repairs Carpet cleaning service also available

Ask in-store or call for further details about our specialist Leather Cleaning service.


Rugs and Carpet cleaning service

Ask in-store for further details about our specialist Rug Cleaning service.


Wedding Dresses

Your wedding dress will be professionally dry cleaned and hand finished by our experienced team.

Ask in-store for further details about our specialist wedding dress cleaning service.


Clothes Dyeing Service

We specialise in dyeing special items such as wedding and evening dresses and suits. You can completely change the look of many clothing and home wears items to give them a completely new look and life!

Our standard colour change service can update the following clothing items:

Shawls, Pashmina, Shirts, Tops, Jumpers, Cardigans, Skirts, Trousers, Simple Style Evening Dresses, Suits, Coats and Wedding Evening Gowns.

Trouser £25

Skirt £21.99

Shirt, T-shirt £25